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Paul Fairlie


Paul is the Founder and CEO of Heliosophy. As a consultant, researcher, coach, and expert in work psychology, Paul helps organizations to identify, develop, and motivate talent, partly by addressing what is human in the workplace. After 25+ years in organizational research and consulting, Paul has…

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Neesha Daulat

PhD Cand., MA.Ed.

Neesha is both a consultant and professor of organizational psychology at William James College in Newton, MA. Neesha has consulted extensively in a number of areas, including leadership assessment and development, and employee training and development. She has also conducted organizational culture…

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Orin Davis


Orin earned the first ever PhD in positive psychology from Claremont Graduate University. He’s a self-actualization engineer who enables people and organizations to do and to be their best. Overall, his consulting focuses on making workplaces great places to work, while his career coaching centers around assisting senior…

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Talib Karamally


Talib is a specialist in organizational development and an expert in corporate mindfulness meditation. He has delivered many seminars and workshops to organizational teams on topics such as mindfulness meditation, happiness, resilience, mindful eating, and mindful leadership…

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Don McCreary


Don is an international consultant, specializing in workplace stress, health, and resilience. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Brock University. A highly experienced, senior scientist, Don has worked in a wide variety of basic and applied research contexts, including universities…

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Marine Miglianico

PhD Cand.

Marine is a licensed psychologist, organizational consultant, and PhD candidate in positive psychology who has trained in this area of psychology in five countries. Some of her research, co-directed in France and Quebec, focuses on the impact of strengths and appreciative inquiry…

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Lisa Sansom


Lisa has nearly 20 years of experience as a consultant in leadership and organizational development, with clients in the financial, government, education, and health care sectors. Her areas of expertise include change management, building high-performing teams, and leadership development…

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