Who is Paul?

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You may know Paul for doing only one or two things. But did you know that he has…

  1. Coached over 100 professionals (including assessment, feedback, developmental action plans)?
  2. Developed leadership competency models for major banks to inform all HRM practices?
  3. Used data science to analyze thousands of EAP and health variables on millions of Canadians?
  4. Determined market segments for Fortune 500 companies (e.g., auto, consumer products)?
  5. Designed models for assessing and selecting air traffic control managers?
  6. Been a speaker for the HRPA, the Conference Board of Canada, and other organizations?
  7. Designed tactics for preventing gambling addiction for a provincial gaming corporation?
  8. Researched and consulted on philanthropic donors for not-for-profit organizations?
  9. Served as a career transition/outplacement coach?
  10. Developed structured employment interviews for leading insurance companies?
  11. Consulted to several authors writing best-selling business books?
  12. Assessed managerial job applicants across many organizations and industries?
  13. Designed a comprehensive workplace aggression survey for a training and consulting firm?
  14. Designed and administered 360° feedback surveys for financial institutions?
  15. Consulted on employee engagement to several First Nations organizations?
  16. Served as a corporate actor in leadership development role plays and simulations?
  17. Analyzed customer satisfaction survey results for a municipal public transit system.
  18. Designed an applied practicum program for a university graduate school?
  19. Conducted employee engagement surveys for some of Canada’s largest employers?
  20. Taught HRM and business part-time for four years at a university?
  21. Evaluated the effectiveness of an employee selection system for an electric power company?
  22. Consulted on positive employee mindsets for a home comfort services company?
  23. Developed an assertiveness assessment tool for a U.S. training company?
  24. Analyzed and consulted on national polling data on Americans and Canadians?
  25. Trained teams on how to interview job applicants with evidence-based methods?
  26. Evaluated educational programs for district school boards?
  27. Consulted to government ministries on the environmental behaviours of Canadians?
  28. Written articles for several leading business and HR media outlets?
  29. Evaluated the efficacy of pain management programs for health clinics?
  30. Moderated focus groups on consumer products for market research firms?
  31. Re-designed performance appraisal forms for a public utility company.
  32. Designed student satisfaction surveys for educational institutions?
  33. Published organizational science research in academic journals and books?
  34. Designed assessment centres to identify and development management high potentials?

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