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The Positive Work Inventory® and Positive Person Inventory® measure positive work and positive people. They ensure that employees have the right workplaces and mindsets to take organizations to the next level of performance.

Positive Work Inventory® (PWI)

Are your employees engaged and satisfied? Committed? High in well-being? Willing to stay?

The PWI is a quick, yet comprehensive employee survey of the most critical drivers of employee and organizational performance. It includes meaningful work, a sleeping giant of employee motivation that’s missing from most surveys.

The PWI is science-based in its design, its content, and the advanced analytics it uses to prioritize results for action.

A 10% increase on the PWI is linked to a more than 8% improvement in employee satisfaction, engagement, commitment, effort, stay intentions, and burnout in a national sample.

The PWI is positive for both employers and employees…

Positive for Employers

Measures a wide range of workplace factors in 15 minutes. Need a question? It’s there. It also taps engagement, satisfaction, commitment, well-being, and retention to get the full diagnostic picture of what’s driving these key outcomes.

Measures only evidence-based drivers of employee outcomes. No fads, hearsay, nor folk wisdom. Designed against scientific measurement principles for precision and accuracy, so your results are real, not statistical blips or artefacts. Tested in peer-reviewed, academic publications and national samples.

Advanced analytics and data science go beyond binders of bar charts to get the why, not just the what, enabling you to prioritize a handful of things for action. Questions are clear and linked to purview, so results can be acted upon by managers. Departmental ‘gap’ reports are available for manager feedback and coaching.

Positive for Employees

Informed by research in positive organizational psychology. Measures workplace practices that unlock resources, enabling employees and organizations to flourish, thrive, and attain positively deviant performance.

Research points to a handful of psychological needs that most people strive to meet. When these needs are met through work, human capital is fully unlocked, leading to higher commitment, performance, engagement, and retention. The PWI measures the kinds of work that meet these needs.

When people of all ages are asked what they want most in their lives, meaning turns up again and again. The need for meaningful work is growing in society. Research also shows it to be one of the strongest drivers of engagement and other employee outcomes. The PWI measures work that brings about what really matters to people. The PWI has measured meaningful work since 2008.

Positive Person Inventory® (PPI)

The PPI is a comprehensive inventory of positive mindsets that are linked to performance, resilience, well-being. The PPI is used for talent selection and development.

What are some things we’ve found with the PPI?

People with a Flourish mindset look forward to things in the future – even the bad things. When they experience adversity, they build strengths rather than become impaired.

Similarly, people with a Courage mindset believe that they can change themselves, so they take risks to get better at things. When they fail, they shrug it off as part of learning, even if the rest of the world is laughing at them.

But it’s no laughing matter…

Salespeople who flourish have 77% higher objective performance than their peers. For courage, it’s 111%. In fact, performance is higher by as much as 132% for some indicators.

People with positive mindsets take initiative when the going gets rough, and they’re resilient in a work world where it’s becoming impossible to shield employees from adversity.

Heliosophy abides by the following psychometric standards to ensure that our tools accurately measure the right things.

Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing
SIOP Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures

The PWI and PPI are offered in partnership with Self Management Group.

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