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Join Dr. Paul Fairlie of Heliosophy, along with Erica Ehm, Crystal Rieck, and Sarah Pass at FemFolk LIVE on Sept. 11 in Port Dover. Paul will be talking about the science of empowerment, and why empowerment is critical for entrepreneurs. The big question is, how do you get empowered? Research suggests that when people have four positive mindsets, they create their own empowerment, at work and at home, making them some of the happiest and most successful people around. Paul will introduce the mindsets, the science behind them, and 10 things that people can do to build them. There’s also a survey to find out where you sit on the mindset meter. Register HERE for FemFolk LIVE, a day long conference celebrating and empowering female entrepreneurs, business leaders, and moms who want to do more.

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