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EQ is more important that IQ. Millennials want the same things as other generations. People should play to their strengths. What does science actually say about things? Register HERE for HRPA’s 2019 Annual Conference and hear Heliosophy Founder and CEO Paul Fairlie’s early riser session True or False? 10 Science-Based Facts and Fictions About People in Workplaces.

This session will cover 10 commonly-believed things about people in workplaces. Five will be true. Five will be myths or factoids. Each will come with a recommended action. The costs of perpetuating some myths will also be monetized. Overall, the session will highlight why science and evidence-based HRM are crucial for countering human biases and irrationality, and for making sound and profitable HR decisions. Attendees will also receive a link to a brief, anonymous, pre-conference survey on facts and fictions in January, 2019. The results will add a personal layer to the session.

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