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Who are we?

We’re a team of consultants, coaches, trainers, and researchers.
We hail from many backgrounds, including organizational psychology, management consulting, organizational development, and human resources management.
We live, work, and play in several time zones.
We’ve been employers, employees, and entrepreneurs.
Between us, we’ve worked in every industry sector.
We represent, share, and celebrate different cultures and experiences.

Despite our diversity, we share a common passion for promoting science-based, positive workplaces, with the intention of achieving extraordinary performance for our clients.

Paul Fairlie

Founder, CEO

As a consultant, researcher, speaker, and expert in work psychology, Paul helps organizations to identify, develop, and motivate talent, partly by addressing what really matters to people.

After 20+ years in organizational consulting, market research, and opinion polling, Paul has repeatedly returned to the notion that effective organizations start with understanding what human beings, not employees or customers, are ultimately striving for in their lives. This means going back to fundamental human needs to inform products and services, meaningful workplaces, and ultimately, positive change in the world.

Paul is a behavioural scientist with a PhD in psychology and foundations in organizational behaviour, personality theories, positive psychology, psychometrics, and advanced analytics. He has also taught at York University and has published research in academic books and journals on topics including meaningful work and employee engagement.

As a consultant, Paul has held previous positions with People Tech Consulting, Right Management Consultants, Environics, and his own previous company. He’s a former Director of Research at Morneau Shepell, where he oversaw employee health research on thousands of organizations and millions of employees.

Paul has written for several HR magazines, and has been quoted in leading news media. He’s been a speaker for the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), the Conference Board of Canada, HR.com, and is a regular presenter at academic conferences. Paul also moderates the Meaningful Work group on LinkedIn.com.

Finally, Paul is a human being. He owns eleven guitars and writes music. His top VIA strength is humour and playfulness (and it’s not funny). He’s a proud product of government-assisted housing, and reserves a portion of his time for pro bono work. In his youth, he worked as a bouncer, worm picker, role play actor, door-to-door salesperson, ditch digger, and dock worker. He was also hit by lightning as a child, which may explain a few things.


We’re in the midst of corralling a global posse of crackerjack associates. Please stay tuned.

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The M Squad

Heliosophy is reverse mentored by our millennial advisory board. The ‘M Squad’ keeps us abreast of workplace issues experienced by younger workers.
Photograph of Frederick Ampofo
Frederick Ampofo

Top VIA Survey Strengths: Judgment, Prudence, Fairness, Curiosity, Honesty

Photograph of Jodi Banks
Jodi Banks

Top VIA Survey Strengths: Judgment, Kindness, Social intelligence, Honesty, Fairness

Photograph of Hristina Dimitrova
Hristina Dimitrova

Top VIA Survey Strengths: Honesty, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Kindness, Prudence, Love

Photograph of Danielle Festa
Danielle Festa

Top VIA Survey Strengths: Prudence, Love of learning, Teamwork, Humility, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence

Photograph of Daman Natt
Daman Natt

Top VIA Survey Strengths: Perspective, Creativity, Honesty, Love, Bravery

Photograph of Sara Pecorella
Sara Pecorella

Top VIA Survey Strengths: Fairness, Honesty, Perseverance, Self-Regulation, Love

Photograph of Rebeka Romanovsky
Rebeka Romanovsky

Top VIA Survey Strengths: Love of learning, Judgment, Perseverance, Teamwork, Love

Photograph of Ashley Sidhu
Ashleen Sidhu

Top VIA Survey Strengths: Love, Kindness, Forgiveness, Honesty, & Fairness

Photo fo Laura Martin
Laura Martin

Top VIA Survey Strengths: Creativity, Curiosity, Gratitude, Hope, Humor


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