The ‘Other List’ of Tips for Reducing Job Stress

Take a look at the great Tips for Reducing Job-Related Stress, below, from a popular HRM textbook. The tips are directed at employees, who are expected to take an active role in managing their own stress, as encouraged by many stress experts. However, employers are not off the hook for creating less stressful workplaces. As reported here, people regularly cite work as one of the leading causes of their stress. Also, studies show that when you control for personality, lifestyle, and other personal factors, working conditions continue to have a sizable impact on stress. Thus, employers have clear accountability for the stress levels of employees.

With that, we’d like to append each of the tips, below, with corresponding things that employers can do to support employees in their efforts to reduce stress.

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Dr. Paul Fairlie is the Founder & CEO of Heliosophy, an organizational consulting firm based on positive psychology and science. As a consultant, researcher, speaker, and expert in work psychology, Paul helps organizations to build high-performing talent by assessing and developing positive mindsets and positive workplaces. Contact Paul at or +1.416.613.9670.
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